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Wasp Services provide a wide range of broadband services to suit the needs of growing businesses. To ensure the best possible connection Wasp Services provide high quality, uncontended broadband and guaranteed speeds.

We don’t restrict the speed of our business broadband packages. We will give you the fastest possible download speeds, regardless of your package. Perfect for the largest of small businesses.

Key broadband features

• Voice prioritisation: Creating the perfect connection for VoIP calls.

• Guaranteed speeds: Wasp Services EFM provides a symmetrical speed guarantee – the same minimum speed guarantee for uploads and downloads.

• Service level: Proactive monitoring and quick response times to
resolve faults

• High speed: Wasp Services ADSL and EFM services give you
maximum speed your connection can provide you with. No caps. No limits.

• Next generation connection: Fibreline provides a pure fibre optic connection.


Broadband Product Summary

EFM Product Sheet

Fibreline Product Sheet

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